Bat Boy The Musical

The Story

Bat Boy: The Musical tells the story of a half-bat, half-boy found in a cave in HopeFalls, West Virginia by the three Taylor children. When Bat Boy bites one of them, the local sheriff takes him to the town veterinarian, Dr. Parker. Parker's wife adopts Bat Boy much like a stray, and names him Edgar. She starts to make him part of their family and, along the way, Edgar becomes both civilized and educated and falls in love with the Parker's daughter, Shelley.

Although he is eager to take his place in society, Bat Boy is met with fear, violence and hatred. The townsfolk have a hard time accepting him and blame him for the plight affecting their cows and worse. The town's anger is fueled by Parker who harbors his own growing disdain and jealous rage for Bat Boy. In a stunning climax, Bat Boy's unholy origins are revealed.