Bat Boy The Musical

Bat Boy: The Musical

As part of their exciting 2008 season, Stowe Theatre Guild is putting up a production of Bat Boy: The Musical. This show, based on the famous story from the Weekly World News, is a classic love story with a serious bite. This delicious twist on the modern day musical comedy tells the amazing story of a strange boy with pointy ears, his struggle to find a place in a world that shuns him, and the love that can create both miracles and madness.

We are so happy to announce the cast of Bat Boy: The Musical:

  • Bat Boy: Nick Caycedo
  • Meredith Parker: Kim Anderson
  • Dr. Thomas Parker: Roy Cutler
  • Shelly Parker: Kari Grunberg
  • Mrs. Taylor: Jo Sabel Courtney
  • Rick Taylor: Matt Parisi
  • Ron Taylor: Spencer Morrissey
  • Ruthie Taylor: Martha Waterman
  • Reverend Billie Hightower: Kelly Goyette
  • Pan: Jeremy Lawyer
  • Sheriff Reynolds: Greg Swain
  • Maggie: Emily Day
  • Lorraine: Brittany Flynn
  • Bud: Julia DiFerdinando
  • Ned: Elliot Crowe
  • Roy: Audrey Wallace
  • Clem: Peter Carlile
  • Daisy: Kelly Isaac

Bat Boy: The Musical contains a wealth of characters who populate the small West Virginian town of Hope Falls. Mrs. Taylor and her three children, Ron, Rick, and Ruthie, Sheriff Reynolds, Dr. and Meredith Parker and their daughter Shelley, Reverend Hightower, a host of townspeople, Pan (yes, the Greek god), and of course Bat Boy himself.

The following individuals are proud to bring you Bat Boy: The Musical next summer:
  • Director - Tim Maynes
  • Music Director - Nate Venet
  • Producer - Erin Evarts
  • Choreographer - Alex Kilgore